Dress Code


The following dress code rules on the course and in the clubhouse are strictly enforced. To save any embarrassment members, guests and visitors are asked to conform to the rules listed below. 

On the course:

  •     No Trainers
  •     No Denim
  •     No Studded Trousers
  •     Shorts must not have pockets on the leg
  •     Trousers must not be tucked into socks
  •     No Football / Rugby style shirts
  •     Gentlemen must tuck shirts into shorts or trousers
  •     Baseball caps to be worn correctly
  •     Golfing shoes must be worn
  •     Gentlemen must wear tailored trousers or tailored knee length shorts,
        with short white socks, white ankle socks or long coloured stockings
  •     Gentlemen may wear plus 2's or plus 4's
  •     Shirts must have a collar
  •     Turtle necked shirts are allowed
  •     Ladies may wear Cropped Trousers
  •     Ladies may wear Training Socks


In the Clubhouse:

When visiting the clubhouse for a function, or after a game of golf, a smart casual standard of dress is required at all times.  The rules of the course apply with the following amendments:

  •     Gentlemen must wear shoes with socks
  •     Golf Shoes or Trainers are not allowed. This includes all sports shoes including
        daps & plimsolls – if worn you will be asked not to wear in future
  •     Caps or Visors must not be worn
  •     Golf shoes must not be removed on the patio
  •     Waterproof golf clothing must not be worn in the Bar or Lounge area
  •     Kit bags must not be left in the Lounge or Bar
  •     Shorts may be worn until 20:30